Have a bad back? Sick of bending over to get to the broken bits of your bike? You need a jack lift my friend, it’s the only way to fly when it comes to bike repair. Don’t be the backyard mechanic who half-asses everything. If you use a proper jack lift for your bike or ATV, you’ll not only get the job done faster, you’ll get it done right. It’s also a great way to store your bike long term without it standing on the tires, which isn’t great for long periods of immobility.

Here I look at some of the most popular jack lifts you can order online today. People buy these in quantity, but are they any good? Let’s see what the general verdict is.

Torin T64017 Bike and ATV Jack

This firetruck red jack lift looks pretty good and it’s a heavy lifter too – rated at an impressive 1500 pounds. I doubt many people own a bike heavier than that.

It has six different locking positions and you can lift a bike from about 5 inches to 16.6 inches. It’s on swivel wheels, which means that you can roll your bike over into a corner when you get too lazy to finish the job in one go.

I like this lift and I think it’s priced pretty well, but there are some nasty stories about bad customer service and some really bad stories about build quality. So maybe not the best choice. Perhaps a hundred dollar lift that claims to lift 1500 pounds was a bit too good to be true.

Craftsman Lift Jack

Craftsman is a well respected name when it comes to things that go in a garage. Which means that I expect a bit more of something that carries their brand name.

Craftsman has quite a wide range of intended uses for this lift. They say it can be used for bikes, ATVs, tractors, jet skis, and snowmobiles. So, that’s good if you happen to own a tractor as well I suppose. The Craftsman is rated at 1500 pounds in terms of its lift capacity to a height of almost 17.5 inches. The lift doesn’t come fully assembled, but the amount of assembly required isn’t crazy or anything.

There are few if any complaints about this lift and I think that for the money you’ll have a hard time doing better. Since it is a Craftsman, you also know where to send it if things do go wrong.

OTC 1545 Lift

A bit on the pricier side for a consumer-grade lift, the OTC has to justify its premium over other lifts of the same capacity.

Speaking of which, this is another lift rated at 1500 pounds with skids that are 17 inches long.

OTC says that the lower lift height of this lift is the lowest available. Now I don’t know if it is true, but a lower clearance of only 3.5 inches is pretty damn low. The OTC is designed in such a way that you have access to the load from every angle, and it also has some nice safety features such as a foot-operated release and an automatic safety lock.

In general this lift seems to be well-regarded by the people who have bought it, but its rate of descent when using the foot-operated release seems to be too fast for the taste of some, so be aware of that issue.

Is it worth the price premium over the Craftsman? It’s hard to know for sure, but my gut tells me it probably isn’t. It’s a good product, but I don’t think it brings enough to the table to beat out the cheaper competition.

Black Widow Scissor Jack

This is a compact and simple scissor lift from Black Widow. It has a lift capacity of 1100 pounds, which should be enough for most people, but if you need to lift a big cruiser or sports tourer then you can stop reading right now and look elsewhere.

The lift is operated with a socket or wrench and it’s a great way for the average person who occasionally needs to work on their bike to do so with little issue. When the scissor jack is down it should be easy to stow it out of the way and you can probably throw it in with your gear if you are going on a track day with a car and bike in tow.

An obvious disadvantage here is that this sort of lift lacks casters, so you won’t be moving your vehicle around once lifted. In the right sort of circumstances this can be a better choice, though.

My big problem is the price of this lift doesn’t put it too far from some of the much-fancier hydraulic lifts; I’m not quite sure why this lift costs so much relative to those products. Still, buyers are happy with their purchase and if a scissor lift is right for you there is no reason not to go for this one. I’ve seen some of the stuff from Black Widow before and the general opinion about their product range is quite positive.