Not everyone is lucky enough to have undercover parking for their motorcycles, nor do they have the luxury of riding their bikes all year round. That’s why so many of our bikes spend their time standing in the wind and weather, gathering dust and slowly perishing in the sun.

This sort of thing doesn’t have to happen; for just a few measly dollars you too can protect your pride and joy from needing a trip to the bike wash all the time. It’s especially important if you have an older or classic bike that doesn’t have modern rust-proof coatings.

Now, to be honest, one cover is pretty much like the next one. Some do their jobs a little better though. They may be easier to put on or provide varying levels of waterproofing. So let’s have the look at some of the most popular covers and see which of them are junk and which are golden.

Top Pick – Badass Moto Gear Cover

Right, I think it may be a bit presumptuous to actually call your product “badass” in the actual name. That makes me instantly skeptical. It’s like a product that says “premium” in its name – you get the idea that it may in fact be the opposite.

This is one of the more expensive covers out there and it certainly look very…black. So if being really dark black is badass then it’s true, on that front at least.

The Moto Gear is also available in three sizes, which means you can get one that fits properly and not like a loose sack.

The cover actually has some pretty nice features. There’s a soft windshield liner so you don’t scratch it. There’s a big night reflective strip in the middle so your drunk neighbor can see it at 4am. The exhaust area is heat shielded, since some people apparently can’t wait for the pipes to cool before slapping on a cover. It’s vented, so there’s no condensation. The seams are taped and the thing is basically completely waterproof.

OK, I have to admit that this cover is a little badass. I recommend it!

XYZCTEM All Season Waterproof

This cover is pretty well-priced, so right off the bat it has to prove it does its job well. It’s a big boy, designed to cover motorcycles that are up to 108” in length; that would include many big cruisers from various brands.

The material is apparently mildew resistant, water repellent, and soft. That last attribute matters if you have a cruiser with lots of chrome detailing.

There’s a free storage bag that comes with it too and there’s an eyelet to cinch it closed if you want to lock the cover on. It’s suitable for outdoor use and will protect the bike’s paint from the sun.

I love how they feel it necessary to state that the bike is only for demonstration purposes and is not included. Who the heck thought that a $40 cover would come with a bike? That person is too stupid to have a license in the first place.

If you have a cruiser then this seems like a great purchase; everyone else with regular-sized streetbikes should probably look elsewhere.

TMS Xlarge

Oh, my goodness – this is a cheap, cheap, cheap cover. It will also cover a pretty big bike. Even a Harley that’s 104 inches in length will fit according to the manufacturer’s documentation.

As you would expect from a bike cover, the material itself is made so that it won’t scratch your bike and will also resist mildew. Seams are double stitched and there’s elastic to stop wind from blowing your cover off.

It seems that the truth is that this product isn’t very good in practice. People who have bought it liken it to an oversized grocery bag. The quality is apparently very low, so I would be very skeptical of using this product. Any bike worth covering in the first place definitely needs something better than this.

Exlite Cover

Yet another very inexpensive cover for motorcycles comes our way in the form of the Exlight cover. Unlike the TMS (which admittedly is quite cheaper) this is a much smaller cover with a length of about 43 inches. There’s an elastic bottom and it’s waterproof inside and out, for some reason. It also comes with a carry bag which is useful if you want to cover up at your destination.

The Exlite is pretty small though, so make sure its dimensions will work for you. It turns out that based on the feedback of people who have spent some time with this cover it’s actually a great value for the money. But it’s best to let your motorcycle cool completely before putting the cover on, since a few unfortunate people managed to melt their covers with hot exhaust pipe tips.

NEH Heavy Duty Cover

I didn’t want to leave our four-wheel loving friends out of the loop, so here we have a heavy duty cover for ATVs. This cover can accommodate a vehicle up to 120 inches in length and what’s pretty cool about this model is that it comes in a camo pattern. So make sure you can actually find your ATV after covering it; that even includes those newfangled buggy things with the roll-cages.

It’s breathable, waterproof, UV-stabilized, and will even protect against tree sap. Which is honestly not something I even think about myself, but it is actually some pretty nasty stuff.

The verdict from people who have bought it has been excellent, so if you need to cover that dirty little truck up it seems that the NEH is well-recommended.