In a perfect world we would all just leave each other’s stuff alone. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and your motorcycle is a valuable piece of equipment that a lot of people wouldn’t mind taking off your hands without permission. This doesn’t mean that you have to make life easy for them; there are lots of ways you can reduce the chances of your bike being carted off by some unscrupulous thieves.

There are two main places where you want to secure your motorcycle – at home and while parked. At home you have an advantage, since your security measures don’t have to be limited to your motorcycle itself; you can incorporate other things as well. Specifically, you can install a wall or floor anchor in your garage or designated parking spot, to which you can easily lock your bike. It may not stop a determined thief, but it will slow down the whole process of stealing the bike and force them to be a bit more noisy about it. Combine this with an electronic alarm and you’ll really give them a hard time when they try to pinch you hard-earned pride and joy.

It also helps that anchors and chains are not particularly expensive, so you really have no excuse for not getting a good setup at the place your bike sleeps.

Top Pick – Oxford OF438 Blue Rota Force

The OF438 is one of the priciest ground anchors that I’ve seen, but it has one or two party tricks that may make it worth the asking price. The most obvious one is the fact that it can rotate, which make it pretty easy to pick a spot that is out of the way of everything else or to move a vehicle around while still being able to lock it down.

The other really nice thing about this ground anchor is the fact that it has a big internal diameter, which means that you can fit a tougher chain. There’s little point in having a big, bad anchor and then fitting a chain to it that can be cut through in seconds.

This is about as secure as it gets for the money and the four bolts are also tamper-protected. Of all the heavy duty anchors I have seen, this is the only one that I feel is worth the asking price.

Magnum Motorcycle Anchor

The Magnum anchor certainly looks the part. Big and tough with four massive anchor bolts for attaching the 16 mm steel shackle to either a wall or the floor. Like most anchors it lets you fold the shackle down when not in use. There’s an attractive plastic cover which also handily hides the bolt heads and the sharp edges of the mounting plate.

It’s corrosion resistant and hardened, but you probably won’t want to install it where it will be directly rained on, I suspect. The Magnum is a bit wider than many anchors, which should make it possible to use tougher padlocks and chains.

The only gripe I have is that the price seems like a bit much. In the greater scheme of things it’s not that expensive and it is to protect a very expensive possession, but I still feel it’s just on the wrong side of correctly-priced. Its price is more or less in line with other similar products, but personally I would wait for a sale.

Oxford OF439 BruteForce

Despite the butch name this is actually a two-bolt mini ground anchor better suited to smaller vehicles such as scooters. This lock is pretty affordable and has been tested as resisting a five-minute attack. It’s saw resistant and when the lock is in use it actually shields the bolt heads, so you can’t mess with them without removing the lock that you are using. It’s an all-in-one kit in terms of included parts. I think the OF439 represents great value for small motorcycles and scooters.

Kryptonite 330202

While Kryptonite’s ground anchor is unlikely to repel Superman, this 16mm hardened product will probably give the rest of us mere mortals a pretty hard time.

Interestingly, Kryptonite suggests that this anchor can not only be attached to a concrete floor, but also fitted to a truck or trailer bed in order to prevent thefts while transporting your bikes in that way.

The body is domed, so that when the shackle is folded down it can be safely driven over. Like other products in this range I feel like a hundred bucks is asking too much, but if you can catch it at a discount the strength and safety factor are well worth it.

Staying Grounded

A good ground anchor can be one of the best security investments you make, but remember that it also matters where you choose to put the anchor. You should preferably try to put it in a place that has limited access, such as a garage or a locked up area. The ground anchor is also only as strong as the chain you choose to use with it. Don’t use just any chain either – choose one that has a cover to protect the paint and coating on your wheels and fairing.

If you do it all well, the next idiot who tries to jack your bike should take just long enough to be picked up by the local cops.