While road riders usually want their armor and warm, comfortable clothing all in one package, things are a bit different for the MX set. When you are riding in a hot, dirty environment what you want is to keep wearing your comfortable clothes and have armor that can be taken off in the long periods between rides around the track.

That’s exactly what we’re looking at here – body armor that you can slap on before you get out there and shred, or gleam, or whatever it is you MX kids do.

Top Pick – Leatt 3DF Airfit

The Airfit manages to do what few MX armor products can – it doesn’t make you look like a Power Ranger. At first I wasn’t sure if this was actually suitable to be used as MX armor, but based on what people are saying it seems like it will work. In fact, the CE certification on this is pretty high. In terms of the front and back armor, the ratings are as high as the standards allow, so that’s good.

It uses a special foam to decrease the weight and wicks away moisture, so the fact that it’s all one piece isn’t such a big deal. Apparently it will also work with a neck brace if you remove some of the armor.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a garment that uses 3DF material. This is a soft armor that hardens on impact, which is pretty cool and futuristic. It also makes it easier to move around in compared to hard armor.

People who have bought the AirFit also comment on the actual quality of construction, which is very good. At about 250 bucks I think this is an excellent product.

So, what can I say? I’d buy this.

Fox F3 Roost Deflector

When you’re riding motocross, life comes at you fast son. So you’ll be very happy when this deflector sends a rock or sharp stick flying away from you instead of lodging between your ribs. A deflector is of course meant to be worn over your riding shirt, augmenting whatever protection it may provide. This handsome clear deflector is made from a strong polycarbonate material and features several removable pads, so you can customize where padding is doubled in your undershirt.

Fox is really the king of these sorts of products and customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. People especially love how well it fits in each size bracket, which is a common issue with other products. You should have no doubt about this deflector if you’re happy with the price.

Fox Racing ProFrame

Fox is MX gear royalty and widely respected, so I have high expectations of their products. The ProFrame looks a lot like a bulletproof vest to me, which is badass. It comes in a couple of colors and for once I actually like the orange option, but the white and black is also quite snazzy, although it looks a bit like a skeletal ribcage from afar.

Of course, this is a Roost Deflector, which means it has no CE certification and we have no idea how well it actually performs. This being Fox I’m not too bothered by it, but that’s one of the reasons it’s only a hundred bucks.

Combine it with a neck brace and some arm, er, armor and you should be good to go. People who have bought it are happy with it; they say it fits as expected and if you are strapped for cash this is a good first piece of armor besides your helmet.

EVS Revo 5 Roost Guard

OK, now THIS product does make you look like either a Power Ranger or a Stormtrooper depending on your color choice. It looks damn cool, it’s pretty affordable, and it can be worn over or under your jersey. It provides both roost and impact protection with impact panels and clear Lexan shields.

There are some rough edges though, literally. People report that the Velcro and other components are rather haphazardly fitted and may result in uncomfortable chafing or scratching. So, over the jersey it is, I guess.

TMS Full Body Protector Pro

I have not been overly fond of anything with the TMS brand on it, to be honest. Almost every impression I read from their customers fails to fill me with confidence, if I have to be blunt.

This is a set of complete upper body armor which includes everything from chest pads to elbow cups. The thing that immediately bothers me is the low, low price. This is less than fifty bucks; that seems like a little too cheap if you ask me.
It is available in a range of six sizes, which hopefully means you can easily get one that fits.

Predictably, user reviews are not positive. This armor doesn’t provide much in the way of protection and is just too thin and badly made. Since that’s the only reason to buy armor, it renders this a waste of fifty bucks.