In a perfect world we would all just leave each other’s stuff alone. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and your motorcycle is a valuable piece of equipment that a lot of people wouldn’t mind taking off your hands without permission. This doesn’t mean that you have to make life easy for them; there are lots of ways you can reduce the chances of your bike being carted off by some unscrupulous thieves.

There are two main places where you want to secure your motorcycle – at home and while parked. At home you have an advantage, since your security measures don’t have to be limited to your motorcycle itself; you can incorporate other things as well. Specifically, you can install a wall or floor anchor in your garage or designated parking spot, to which you can easily lock your bike. It may not stop a determined thief, but it will slow down the whole process of stealing the bike and force them to be a bit more noisy about it. Combine this with an electronic alarm (reviewed on a different page(LINK)) and you’ll really give them a hard time when they try to pinch you hard-earned pride and joy.

It also helps that anchors and chains are not particularly expensive, so you really have no excuse for not getting a good setup at the place your bike sleeps.

Top Pick – Oxford OF438 Blue Rota Force


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